Student's Article


According to me, old age homes should not be made because it gives opportunities to loosen up their family ties even on a small dispute. If old age homes would not be there, family members having no option/alternative would try to please each other in order to strengthen the family bonding. These days, everyone has a different expectation, so do old people. They expect that their children should take care of them during their old age in the same manner, their children were taken care of by them and also want to be a part of their own home rather than an old age home. they want to make choices about their won lives and want to be supported when necessary in later life. Young people should have a great concern for their elders and should appreciate their experience. this helps in fostering great understanding for each other. Older people contribute on a macro level to the work place and to the betterment of community. Also, older people contribute a lot to the economy by looking after their grandchildren and allowing their children to work. Older people should be given an environment favourable to them. Authorities should review their refunding policies, they should be given a safer environment on road and proper facilities like benches in park, etc. should be made. Also, older people have great importance in our society. They carry forward customs and traditions; they are most experienced and thus are able to face challenges boldly. They are the family tree trunk and we, the branches, cannot survive without them.
But there are many challenges faced by them. Retirement is not favourable for many old people. Though they get to spend a lot of time with their family but still they feel lonely. Apart from this as children grow, they start taking them as burden on them and their income. The children should imagine that if the same happens to them and they are also sent to old age homes by their children then what would be their condition. So, if family ties are strong, there is no need for old age homes at all.

By: Eksimar Kaur