Our Vision & Objectives

“We impart Education, not Literacy”

Neo Convent School functions with an exalted aim of providing excellent educational opportunities to the students irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Its motto “Knowledge Thy Wealth” explains all that the school stands for.
The initiative to further the cause of education through this school was taken by “Neo Gursikh Education Society”. The aforesaid registered Society with the Managing Committee looks after and controls the activities of the school.
The School was recognized by Delhi Administration and by M.C.D in 1976. Upgradation for Senior Secondary stage was granted by Delhi Administration in 1992. The school is affiliated with CBSE up to Senior Secondary level.
The aim of the school is to create an academic and physical environment of a nature, which helps the children to become ideal members of the society develop skills and knowledge which is the envy of all and lastly, have a disciplined character embodied with the spiritual values of our Gurus.
  1. The media of teaching in school is English . 
  2. The aim of the school is to transform a child to a proud “Neonian” who is always:
    • Properly dressed,
    • Regular, Punctual, Sincere & honest
    • Uses English as a means of communication.
    • Properly behaved, disciplined and courteous.